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Electric Mobility Scooters

Due to health conditions many folks are not capable of moving around so freely. Restricted movement due to injuries can also be very disabling. Especially when going on vacation or a nearby attraction can seem an impossible task.

Having a mobility scooter reduces a burden of family or friends by having dependable transportation. An electric scooter which runs on battery is an easy machine to drive.

Operation and comfort

Scooter batteries can be charged on board or off by a separate wall charger. New scooters come with comfortable seats for prolong use.

Most people prefer an electric mobility scooter over powered wheelchairs, as they are easier to maneuver and require less effort.

There are a variety of such scooters in the market. The three wheel scooter is allowed on sidewalks and the four wheel mobility scooter is best for people with balancing problems. Most have plenty of leg room for comfort.

Rental delivery and pick-up

Renting a mobility scooter is no different than renting a car. You’ll need to provide a credit card for a deposit, purchase coverage / insurance for damages, and choose between daily or weekly rental rates. Before renting a mobility scooter ask about weekly specials or if they accept any discounts.

Most rental stores will inform the renter/rider of height and weight restrictions. If you are on vacation many rental companies they will deliver the scooter to your hotel or resort and also come and it pick-up when you’re done. You can also arrange to drop it off, during business normal hours, if that is more convenient.

Mobility Scooter Sales

Several local dealers sell these scooters, but before you decide on one, it is recommended to rent more than one scooter and try them out so you can determine which one is best suited for your mobile needs.

Try before you buy

Trying out different brands of scooters will give you a better perspective on the differences between one brand and another. Many stores have seasonal sales and great discounts on scooters.

Some features to keep in mind when purchasing a scooter are:

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